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Originally Posted by thirti4thirty View Post
Thanks for all those who have replied.

I think some of you might be missing my point though. Fact is...I'm not the one thinking that way. It's the popular belief out here, where I leave. That is making it difficult for me because I don't have the same mindset and it's affecting me profoundly.

I am not saying this lightly. Meany people are telling me these things and that's what's bringing me down. It's not something I decide by my attitude or want, for that matter.

It was a common attitude in my home town as well. I had to get out of that town and its mindset to find the kind of guy I was looking for.

I know it's easier to get out of a town than an entire country, but the internet allows for all sorts of possibilities.

You have to decide where your priorities lie. You can choose to look for only men who are as educated as you are, or higher, and/or chubbier, older, or less attractive than you.

Every non-average choice you make reduces your partner options. Everything thing you deem important reduces your partner options. Everything is a trade-off.

If you're not willing to leave your country, you may have to choose between education and marriage. Or you may have to choose a less-than ideal husband.

Every choice you makes in life will make some other choices impossible.
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