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Hello guys, weighed in today! from my initial 335 that I was, I am now 323lbs 13lbs in a little over a week by simply changing and sticking with my diet. I did go to the plant sale, it was HUGE and walked the entire thing. Lot's of rude people who don't even garden..weird. I am preparing to go for my bike ride and will walk my 2 miles when it is cooler and the sun has gone down.

For breakfast I ended up having 1 1/2 scrambled eggs, my dog took 1/2 of my egg!

For lunch I had a spinach pie, which wasnt really a pie... it had feta cheese and spinach inside a deep fried pocket of sorts. I wasnt happy with it but i'll deal.

Not sure what i'm cooking for dinner yet.

2 hot/lukewarm Green teas with 2 sugar packs a piece. *
2 bottles of water
working on a Blueberry White Tea from Arizona.

*1 - not sure the size, it was the size of the typical slushie mug they sell plastic now.
*2 - this was my first time trying green tea and i LOVE it, I'm going to eventually kick out the sugar and enjoy the tea itself, as the 2 sugars are too much already for me.
*3 - learned from someone that green tea is best for "weight loss" when it is hot!
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