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Originally Posted by Quiet Ballerina View Post
I'm not sure if I completely understand, so please correct me if I'm wrong. Are you saying that men are going to be intimidated by your intelligence and your advanced degrees? That they won't have your respect because of your degrees?
I say that in the part of the world where I leave, that's how people see these things. For them there's no other way. A man CANNOT BUT be intimidated by a woman's intelligence.

Originally Posted by Quiet Ballerina View Post
I don't think that's true. In my area, there are many, many women with advanced degrees and careers. Many who are actually the breadwinners in their household.
This, in my culture this is perceived almost like an offence, and a REAL shame for a man. Even if the man has no problem with it, the circle of friends/family/colleagues will frequently make reference to it, which inevitably makes it become a big problem.

Originally Posted by Quiet Ballerina View Post
Now, if you're regularly talking down to people and implying that they aren't worth your time because they aren't as book smart as you, that's an entirely different story. (I'm not saying that's the case with you.)
I found out that, because of the mentality around here, it's not so much your ATTITUDE but the INTERPRETATION of it that matters. I'm a shy person, have always been. Everyone who knew me knows that I'm shy. Because of current status, my shyness is rather perceived as SNOBBING.

Originally Posted by Quiet Ballerina View Post
If you limit your dating circle to men who have at least the same number (or more) of degrees as you, yes, you will limit your dating pool. But I don't believe that advanced degrees = bruising a man's ego.

No man approaches me and I do not have a social life, so I can assure you that I do not even have anything to restrict or limit anything to.
The sentence in red: I DO NOT EITHER. My problem, that I'm explaining here, is that where I leave, it is extremely uncommon for women to get where I am do the mentality here is different. And the mentality here is that, advanced degrees = bruising a man's ego
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