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Default Chubby&With Higher Education: I might be a virility killer...

I know this is a highly "socio-geographic" issue, some of you might not understand fully what I'm enduring.

I'm chubby, will be starting my PhD pretty soon and I currently have a high paying job.

I turned 30 this year and have been the object of much attention of my entourage. I know and I'm sure they mean well, but it just seems as if once every 48 hours someone somehow has to remind me that I'm single and getting in the "out of men's reach" zone. I was fine with that...until...

...Yesterday, when someone said...quite indirectly that women in my position (not about the weight though) tend to make men feel insecure and doubtful of their woman's respect, bla bla, and that the social circle counts a lot in that case, making comments to put the man behind his woman, yadda yadda.

While this is not the first time I'm listening to this type of advice, what he said gave it a new dimension for me.

For the first time I'm realizing that I might be a virility killer for most men. A ego killer for most men (probably not for the one who will have enough guts to marry me). For me this is being brutal. I spent the whole day thinking about it.
Not only am I fat, but even without that I'm one of the women who make men feels like they're less than real men.
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