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Yes Welcome... great bunch here on 3FC's!! I found the first few days a little hard but once I got in the groove of things and planned well ahead for special events, busy days and restaurants... it was all good!

When I first started some of the best advice I read on here was:

-keep packets EVERYWHERE... that means in your purse, car, hubby's car, desk at work.. well... you get the picture! this has saved me more than once!

-If you are going out, look up the menu online before you go and decide what you will order. Some people even call the restaurant ahead to see if they will accomodate their special requests... I usually just ordered a steak cooked with no oils and asked them to smother it in mushrooms only... nothing else.

-when I was hungry or craving, dill pickles saved me over and over... I even go to a certain grocery store that carries the biggest pickles I can find!!

Most importantly... make sure to come here for encouragement and advice.. I learned so many things just reading all the threads.. K enough said.. I wish you all the best on your new journey!!
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