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Steelslady I did CAD just before I married DH 12 years ago and lost down to the 160s and stayed on it for a while after we married and then took a trip and got off of it and gained it all back. I love the plan, but just don't seem to be able to stick with it any more. When I read the original book and saw that Rachel accidentally stumbled to eating only one meal a day because of an appt for a test that she had to fast for was changed from an early appt to later in the day. She had been afraid of going without eating and was surprised that she not only made it without eating, but she stopped on the way home at a restaurant and Rewarded herself with a meal she really wanted. She was even more surprised that instead of a gain the next morning when she got on the scale, she had lost. She decided to experiment with it and found that suddenly she could eat only one meal a day and eat what she wanted even dessert and lose weight. So I decided if she could do it, so could I. So for a long time I ate only the Reward Meal each day. When I married DH, I added one Complimentary meal and I lost very well. Good luck on your journey. And yes the nice thing about eating CAD way is that you can still eat regular food even fiber.

They have a new book out about eating your Reward Meal at breakfast. I forgot the name of it. I'm not sure I could do that. However, one of the other nice thing about CAD is that you can move the Reward Meal around for special occasions. It really is doable and works if I could ever convince myself to do it again. I guess my problem that caused me to get off of it is that when I married DH and moved to FL, I fell in love with all the fruit they had available and eventually gave up CAD.

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