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Talking The Journal Journey

Hello all, i'm quite new and I'm going to be using this space as my online journal to accompany my paper journal. I guess I'll start off by sharing my story, then I'll just post what comes as it comes! I love to log recipes that worked, nutritional infos, weight loss things that are for larger people, all sorts of things.

Please feel free to post and share insight! If you see something I may have done wrong, let me know! I would like if it wasnt in an a-holeish way though lol.

About me:

I am an 18 year old female living in Fl. I am always at home and have nearly nothing to do besides clean the house, play with my dog, cook every meal, and sleep!
I am trying to find ways to incorporate diet and exercise into my entire day, because I can have as many goals as I want...but they nearly never get accomplished during the day. (I am a night owl, but I am always asleep at night to allow the other people in my home to relax)

(Will continue to update)

Things I have on hand:
5LBS weights
Yoga ball


To be able to become an avid runner
To be able to play with my dog without nearly passing out
To be able to educate not only myself but my family, whom I live with(Mom and Grandma)
To be able to realize I cannot help people who do not want help, and to worry about myself only, and to be selfish enough to do this for myself.
To get my GED and be able to accomplish it without feeling low about myself.
To live a healthy and action packed life, with outdoors and events and all things adventurous.
To get my license!

Weight loss goals:
Starting weight- 330
Current weight- 325 (Approx)
Goal weight- 120-40

In my wildest dreams, I would like to lose 10lbs a week. But I know that's unhealthy and unreasonable. For the first few weeks I know I will drop major weight due to water and new action for my body, but once my body is ready to shed fat, I hope to at LEAST lose 5 lbs a week.

Best walk time (1 mile) -
Best walk time (2 mile) -

Best jog/walk time (1 mile) -
Best jog/walk time (2 mile) -

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