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Cool Oh yes, it works...

I'm down 23 lbs since March 10, but more than that, I can say my appetite has really changed. I crave nutrient-rich foods, and the other stuff has quickly become tedious and annoying. I have not eliminated any class of foods, but I want to avoid lots of stuff that messes with my blood sugar, head, gut -

I don't do everything just as Jon suggests, for instance I weigh myself every day. It's necessary info for me, and a ritual that allows me to recommit to myself, get in touch with my body (I weigh naked,) and practice detachment from results-orientation and focus on process. It took me years to come to terms with the 'scale god,' but we are good now.

Also, I understand for me that hunger must be part of my plan of recovery. It's important that hunger doesn't freak me out and make my baby-brain think I'm going to die. I accept that I learn to accept some hungry times, knowing there's plenty of food around and that I can wait awhile.

I completely accept most of his conclusions, especially the part about working to reassure my limbic system it is SAFE to be thin. And the need to relax, eliminate high stress as a habit to reduce flight/fight/freeze reactions that lead to the primitive feelings of danger. Visualization is free online.

I'm not trying to get back to my modelling career, here - I just can't carry 400 pounds into my 60's. xo
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