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4/19 - Day 1 - No Snacking - although I ate all day long. Luckily tomorrow is a new day and a new week =New Beginning.
4/20 - Day 2 - No Snacking - still eating too much during the day(30 mins ex -am)
4/21 - Day 3 - No Snacking - gaining weight & starting to get mad =hoping this means better focus for both food and exerise, ugh!!(25 mins ex -am)
4/22 - Day 4 - No Snacking - Today I am mad - I can turn this bad slump around. Today I will eat healthy foods, drink water and will take a half hour walk with my dog. I will make me the first priority.
4/23 - Day 5 - No snacking, Back on program -
4/24 - Day 6 - No snacking, Challenging dinner tonight and potluck tomorrow - must choose wisely and remember to drink water. Bringing a dessert I can eat the middle of (whipped creme and fresh berries).

Dr Geri, you are doing great - Yeah!!!

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