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Hello all..

Thank you all for the kind and well wishes...We are holding up well and knowing my late sis is at peace. Again..Thank you.

Pattience...Happy reading! I used to be a book worm on reading self help and weight loss books on hearing different views of the author on diets and such..Now I had recylced them and gained knowledge. Hoping your books will give you some insights.

Aleka...Hoping you will able on walking soon..I am tracking miles since March 10th and so far walked 90 miles! Hang in there and stay strong of life issues.

Steels...Good luck with Carbs Addict diet.. Back in the 80s, have read the book, but never followed the plan. Hoping it will bring some success of your journey..

I am not tracking fiber, just keeping mindful..I eat fiber bagels and fruits and some protein.. I range daily between 30-40 of fiber.

Ladies...Be well and have a nice day..later..
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