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Originally Posted by Pattience View Post
HI Steel

Our thread has gone dead quiet so i'm really glad you came back.

If the paleo is so difficult, why bother with it. I was looking for a paleo book at the library last time i went but they were all out. Its the current fad diet.

But anyway, yes almond meal is super delicious stuff and peanuts are a legume and so also i believe are cashews. I only read that the other day and haven't checked the facts.

Yes at least when the power was out, we had gas and it wasn't cold. Its tropical here. In fact one night was really hot and without the fans it was hard to get to sleep especially because of the mosquitos. I don't know why but i didn't even think to light a coil.

my eating is going great. I had a few days where i wanted to eat more often. At first i thought it was a famine reaction but no i'm thinking maybe it was just because i procrastinating about my sewing and this i think could cause stress and or lower my seratonin levels. Of course i don't know what's going on physiologically at all, just guessing but now my appetite is good again.

Though i have to admit, i'm not yet ready to start cutting back and tightly controlling calories again just yet. I'm just happy to stabilise here for a while.

The funny think i just thought of is that paleo people wouldn't have eaten waffles and cookies lol. Maybe you are working too hard or pushing the limits of the diet and that's why you are struggling with it. But i think that does expose a potential other shortcoming. Its boring.

That said, in days gone by people had plenty of time for preparing food and they used to do it.

I'm still loving my bean salad. We all have been persuaded that eating protein satisfies. And recently i read that eating fat helps turn off our want more button. But i also am finding that eating a lot of vegies does it too. If i go without vegies for a day, i start to notice an increase in my appetite. I think. Bodies are so mysterious.

oh btw, love the sound of your pool fun.
Yes, our dear thread has gone a bit quiet, but I think it's just because a lot of things are going on in others lives right now- some sad, some busy, myself, getting daughter ready for prom and graduation. I hope that Trish and aleka are both doing ok! Too bad about poor Liliann's sister, keeping them all in my thoughts and prayers.

Well, darling daughter and I switched over the the Carbohydrate Addict's diet, after we both lost a total of four pounds in two weeks time- I lost a measely 4 ounces this week, while she gained a pound. A couple of people who are health nuts and fitness trainers themselves told me that Paleo is very hard for the majority of women in terms of weight loss- that it is more suitable for guys, and that women tend to gain on Paleo. Good thing I told my daughter this bit of news the night before her weigh in, or she would have taken it personally. Poor baby blamed herself because she had a couple of treats on Easter. First magazine did a disservice printing such an article. Both of the trainers told me that Paleo is fine for when you get close to or are at goal. It did help me break a plateau though, but we're moving on, thank you very much.

On the CAD diet, at least I can eat my high fiber foods again during the reward meal. Not sure how long we'll stick to this one- we're just trying to help her get off as much weight as possible for her prom- we're hoping around 15-20 pounds. She's lost four so far, she's trying so hard, bless her heart. I know CAD will help with a few pounds the first couple of weeks- I have done this diet before and did great on it. The only problem is is that it gets boring with the Complimentary meals- you're restricted to simply proteins and low carb veggies during the two a day and two Complimentary snacks, which is the same foods allowed, only half of the quantity of a Complimentary meal. The Reward meal is when you can eat some carbs that you enjoy without guilt or deprivation. I started yesterday on this diet, and she started last night with the Reward Meal, and today was her first day of two Complimentary meals and the Reward Meal. I only eat on of each meal- I can't eat any more than that, most days. Fine by me, less cooking.

I know when I have done CAD in the past, I've lost a good amount of weight in the first two to three weeks, so I am hoping the same for her, so she doesn't get discouraged. Sad thing is, she is so disciplined- she deserves this! I just wish I could wave a magic wand and make the scale go down a little more for her.

Eventually, though, I am going back to high fiber again. Doing Paleo and CAD for a few weeks is helping get the furnace going again, so I can't complain. I do miss eating high fiber all day, though- many more food choices and no restrictions compared to these two diets.

Do you enjoy sewing? Could you be just bored of it, hence why you are procrastinating? Is this your livelihood, Pattience? Or is it a fun hobby? It sounds like you're putting a lot of pressure on yourself to do this, that's why I am asking. I love to crochet myself, but often times the things I make take over two to three years to complete.

Glad you didn't have any heat problems! How nice to live in a tropical area year round- I would love to do that myself! I wish my hubby wasn't such a winter person- while it is pretty during Christmas and New Years, I am done b by the end of January with winter. Too bad Mother Nature doesn't agree with me!

I so missed my beans this past two weeks as well as peas. I can only have them during the Reward meal on CAD, at least I can have them again- woo hoo! I can also have croutons in my salad again and high fiber bread and pasta, if I want. I still have been high in fiber all this time, just got it a different way, but still ate around 25-30 grams a day. I'll be glad to go back to it soon, just needed to break my stall.

Have a great night, will try to post again tomorrow. Been crazy busy over here! Was supposed to go swimming today, but the wind was so ridiculously bad today, we didn't dare go. My sister's car is very light and would end up on the other side of the road, no word of lie. So, I did two hours on my recumbent bike and rocked back and forth on my rocking/reclining chair during my beloved Boston Bruins game, to which we won in over time. One more game to go, then on to round 2!

GO BRUINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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