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Oh, Liliann, I kept getting a feeling something was wrong, I couldn't shake it! I kept checking your profile daily to see if you had signed in, I was getting really worried. I am so so sorry about your dear sister, may she rest in peace, the poor thing. She was lucky to have such loving and caring sisters during that awful time she was sick. Sending you a big hug , and if you ever need to talk, feel free to do so her or in private. What an awful trauma your family is going through, your poor Mom must be so devastated losing a daughter.

Liliann, did they give a reason as to why they performed a stress test? I find it strange after her being so sick with that flu, that they would put her through that so soon. Poor thing, that had to have been awful for her.

I'm so proud of you for trying again on your weight loss journey, but please please be gentle with yourself right now, ok? Just do the best that you can, exercise when you're up to it, but don't panic over gains or losses. Your body is suffering from emotional trauma right now, so please don't get upset if things are out of whack right now and for a month or two. I feel so bad for you, you have gone through some very rough times, just know we're always here when you need us.

Lotsa love and hugs to you,


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