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Hello All,

Gosh...Sorry of my for my late reply..I noticed from reading an old post and since my last post back in late march...due of a stomach flu..Things in my household went downhill for my disabled sister,which she had it bad that we had to call the ambulance..which that was tough, they would not take her to the hospital she wanted to go and ended up on a college hospital that Since March 25th, it was pure ****..sorry for my english...That hospital done poorly and sad to say, she passed away on April 8th..Me and my family was shocked and anger on why they done to her,,..Me, my mom and sis are hanging in there and adujusting ,my working sis had taken this very hard, since she went eveyday and we were fighting to save her,,,but the stupid hospital done a stress test without our consent and that hospital killed my disabled sis of a cardiac arrest ..This year is not a good year...

I am hanging in there and still eating fiberous foods, started this week. I am being calm with my scale,,May 3 will be my peak time.

I am pleased some of you chatting here..and thought I share on what I had been doing of not posting here..also, I am in a email loop..and lately been lurking till now.,,Our wireless connection is acting up and do not know what is going on ,so I am using our main comp when my working sis is not using it...till we find out why our wireless is down...

Will do my best on posting here more often...Now am keeping tabs on my aging mom..and been trying to get things back to normal.

Till next time..Be well...Hugs...
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