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Hello girls,

Riestrella - I love the red one! I'd personally wear it too since I really like neckholder tops! Good for you for learning Spanish, that's awesome! It's such a cool language! I actually took Spanish classes for about 6 months while in high-school but I quit because I thought it was boring and not worth riding my bike from one school to the other (my school didn't offer Spanish classes so I had to transfer for this one class). My Mom's native language is actually based on Spanish so I know a lot of words, all the numbers and basic things. It's so much fun! As far as the visas go...during my first year in NYC I was an Au-Pair and I had an exchange visitor visa. My second year didn't go as planned and well to make a long story short...I got a 3 year ban once we left the US. I had applied to a few community colleges in NYC and got accepted so I tried applying for the F-1 student visa but totally failed since I had no proof of income whatsoever. I looked for sponsors but couldn't find any. Time went by and I kinda just stayed there lol how stupid of me. But well, DH and I are here now and we're gonna be going to university over here. I'm telling you though...they're SUPER STRICT with the visas over there. I don't wanna scare you at all but if you do want to go make sure you plan the whole thing carefully!

Dottington - Good luck girl!!! I hope you make it through your Finals! Tell us how it went and how you feel!


My wisdom teeth came out yesterday and it went much better as I had thought. Sure, my face is swollen but it doesn't "hurt" as much. The dentist was super nice and actually called a few hours after the operation to see how I was doing That doesn't happen very often, does it?! As far as eating goes...the baby food that I bought is actually really tasty I ate a big breakfast before the operation and had about 3 jars of baby food later that night. Today, to up my calories a little, I added half an avocado to a bowl of mashed potatoes. I don't wanna stay too low with my calories and the first healthy high-calorie food I could think of (that I can actually eat) are avocados! I tried eating a very ripe banana but NOPE, not happening.
Not gonna lie though, I am craving sweets like crazy! Especially bakery stuff and cakes GAH!!! I swear, I cannot and WILL NOT "reward"/"treat" myself with junk food for going through this once I feel better. I told DH to please please make sure to remind me that I said that and to tell me that my past-self said STAY STRONG!
I stepped on the scale this morning and it said 147 lbs. My first mini-goal is to get to my anniversary weight of 137 lbs (August 2013). I can't believe I actually weighed 123 lbs in September of 2011, what?? My ultimate goal is to get back into the 120s and if I want to do that then I need to start now.
Okay, enough with the ranting.

Happy Friday!

Mini-Goal #1 - 137 lbs
Mini-Goal #2 - 133 lbs
Mini Goal #3 - 128 lbs
Mini Goal #4 - 123 lbs
Final Goal
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