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A new year and a new me!
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S/C/G: 368/see ticker/218

Height: 5'9.5"


ACHIEVED: 18.8 (3.6 rem)

Week 01 - JAN 06 - JAN 12: 262.5 (START)
Week 02 - JAN 13 - JAN 19: 258.8 (-3.7) (3.7)
Week 03 - JAN 20 - JAN 26: 256.4 (-2.4) (6.1)
Week 04 - JAN 27 - FEB 02: 252.4 (-4.0) (10.1)
Week 05 - FEB 03 - FEB 09: 251.3 (-1.1) (11.2)
Week 06 - FEB 10 - FEB 16: 248.0 (-3.3) (14.5)
Week 07 - FEB 17 - FEB 23: 249.1 (+1.1) (13.4) (TOM)
Week 08 - FEB 24 - MAR 02: 249.1 (0) (13.4)
Week 09 - MAR 03 - MAR 09: 245.4 (-3.7) (17.1)
Week 10 - MAR 10 - MAR 16: 244.7 (-0.7) (17.8)
Week 11 - MAR 17 - MAR 23: 246 (+1.3) (16.5)
Week 12 - MAR 24 - MAR 30: 243.8 (-2.2) (18.7)
Week 13 - MAR 31 - APR 06: 247.5 (+3.7) (15) (CARB FEST )
Week 14 - APR 07 - APR 13: 245.8 (-1.7) (16.7)
Week 15 - APR 14 - APR 20: 244.5 (-1.3) (18)
Week 16 - APR 21 - APR 27: 243.8 (-0.7) (18.7)

Well .. I had a goal for my weigh in today of 242.5 pounds .... but missed that .. and Im ok with that anyway as the last month or so was a bit of a roller coaster for my eating and my body .. but Im still happy with the result

WATCH - Im with you on that .. winter is coming up here in NZ and I really have no clothes anymore for it lol .. well .. I do .. but they swim on me and wouldn't be suitable for work so I will have to get a few more pieces but Im going to try to be careful what I pick so I can just have a few pieces that I mix n match And wow on your result!! I did similar in my last challenge but for some reason this challenge just wasn't smooth for me ... still .. as long as you keep on the journey thats a win right? So fab, you must be feeling spectacular!

SILENT - You did great this challenge hun .. well done Hope you are warming up where you are now

UBEE - Yeah it definitely is. My mum made it hard on me growing up with food etc and every time Ash would go and stay with her for holidays or something she would come back not eating etc and so it became the same issues that I faced as a teen and I really didn't want that for her .. especially not to wait until she was in her late 30s/40s to do something about it. So proud of her for sure

Well its been an interesting week .. sorry I have been quiet just really tired lol. I had a lovely Easter weekend with my hunny .. ate a little more chocolate than I should have really, but OMG it was good lol .. so was surprised I went down anything this week as I really wasn't on plan at all. Tuesday was back at work and it was a busy day having to start to change the shop around to set up for the Mothers Day promotion, I was up and down ladders and bending and walking and omg my feet were sore lol .. but that was a good day and I felt really like I was achieving something a nice 830 - 545 day ... next day was longer and a lot more moving and carrying and ladders and omg .. whole body was sore lol ... but in a good way especially after a 7am-545 day! My manager was away so I was in charge and it was the first big change I had been involved in so it was a little nerve wracking, but the ladies I worked with were great Yesterday I just chilled at home, getting my body to relax, feet are still a little sore but other than the odd twinge Im all good today lol.
Its another long weekend for us in NZ .. ANZAC Day here today (I think its like Remembrance Day where you are) - Australia New Zealand Army Corps - its the day we remember those that we lost in defence of our country. It used to be that shops were closed for the whole day .. but the darn government caved in to the business people and allowed stores to open at 1pm .. grrrr ... needless to say I don't go near town and I have never worked on this day (even though the pay is higher to work it). So its home for me and my hunny today ... he is going to do a roast chicken for dinner with LOTS of vegetables (he doesn't know about the lots of veges yet lol), and I baked a cake yesterday so he wouldn't have to, but he gets to decorate it today (chocolate/coconut/marshmallow) ... and Im sure I would have had breakfast in bed if I was still in it when hunny wakes up ... but if I stay in bed my back starts to hurt so I tend to get up as soon as I wake up lol .. anyway .. curled up in the lounge now watching the Crime Channel and just catching up on everything
Oh and got a letter from the doc confirming the gallstones .. he doesn't mention anything about my kidneys, but my bloodwork for the liver came back abnormal so I have to go in next week for another test .. still .. thats ok Im sure .. Im going to focus on eating a lot of liver cleansing foods if I can and the doc says that I don't need to rush to have the stones taken out which is actually a good thing cos it does restrict what I can eat ... which is mainly those "bad" foods lol.
So off I go ... busy work week, today is my last day off until next Saturday Back into my old work habits of working a lot of days in a row ... typical really .. either I am not working at all .. or Im working more hours than I should lol


:Goal 1 - 300 pounds - reached 9.09.13 Goal 2 - 264.6 by 2/12/13 : reached 26.11.13
Goal 3 - 240 reached 23.05.14: Goal 4 - 220
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