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Usually if someone asks specifically for a full body pic, even if they explicitly say that they don't care, it usually means that (at least to some degree) they actually do care. They just say that to buffer themselves from moral criticism for caring in the first place - a precaution in case it stirs up anything. Not criticizing that, I'd be curious myself and to some degree care if I only saw the face.

Same with dropping off in silence - its a precaution - maybe he's had experiences with being direct and it caused a lot huge back and forth messaging and he finds it just easier to be silent and not have to explain himself. I'm not saying that you would have taken direct rejection that way, but a lot of people do - huge ragey stalkerish messaging that is only further instigated by responses - silence at least on the internet messaging side sometimes tends to be the best defense from that.

I listened to my gut and it said "You could do with less of me."

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