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I'm pretty hard core Paleo these days, although I have come to paleo from years of whole-foods low carb (primal, basically).

I did a month of AIP in March (and a W30 but that was easy next to AIP) and this month I'm starting AIP reintroductions and have moved to Wahls Paleo Plus.

I have recently reintroduced high quality butter and coffee, so this week I'm back to breakfast of only bulletproof coffee (MCT + butter).

Lunch is always leftovers, although I do make crackslaw just to have around for lunches quite a bit. ( And bone broth soup, which I have either at dinner or lunch.

Dinner is some kind of protein plus veggies. Last night was steak and beet greens and mushrooms. Tonight will be more of the same, since I'd planned for my husband to eat with me and he ended up eating on the train (and he's not home tonight).
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