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I've had 2 surgeries while I've been on IP. One to repair a very large hernia and clean up some other issues due to adhesions and then one to remove the stitch holding the patch on the hernia that the surgeon managed to get right on a nerve.

I stayed OP for both surgeries with the blessing of my doctor and anesthesiologist. Neither one had a problem with it. It took a little planning, but I stayed OP while in the hospital too - they had an extensive menu and cooked to order plus dh brought me pudding and I had some salty IP snacks.

I did up my packets to 4 before and after surgery. The before was partly because I was on a very limited diet and partly because my coach and doctor agreed the increased protein would help with healing. After surgery I needed more protein to promote healing and I really didn't feel like eating much so the packets were a lifesaver.

Talk to your doctor and see what they say. I have heard some doctors are totally against being in ketosis for surgery but mine had no problem at all with it.

Good luck to you and it's great you're planning ahead!

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