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atmost Where do you live, if I may ask?

Yes, size 6 feels heavenly! Not all of them fit though, I don't like snug clothing. I think I need to say good byes to my 10's they hang on me. I think I will wear some of my size 10 shorts this summer with a belt (...depending how much weight I lose by summer...if I lose another 10 pounds then I belt won't do the trick). -- I simply don't want to buy million new pairs (unless they are size 4). The size 10 shorts are a little big, but don't look totally gross Belt will do wonders, if I stay at this weight. Pants are goners though, the seat looks so saggy.

I am a bit top heavy and the size 8 fits me perfect right now. I do take size small on tanktops.

My ultimate goal is 4. 2 is too small, I can not sustain that sort of a weight, plus I am 46 years old. I think I would look too skinny at size 2. So 4/6 is my goal.

What size are you ladies shooting for?

It took me forever to get out of the 12's and 10's... 8 went by kind of quickly, wonder if 6 does the same thing. It feels like the smaller I get the quicker the sizes go down.
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