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Sue finding inner song
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NEWME... I missed your post.. you had a NICE Loss (and thank you!)

SARAH... I betcha that lower number will come back again tomorrow... Did you drink more water yesterday?

MARA where are you??? I am in the same boat as you! So lets do this together!

I was going to wait until Friday.. but Pixikat's honesty of posting her up me thinking I can post my uptick again (like always) as posting makes it real and it is real and not a figment of my imagination.. So I have to own it and get "over" it! and move forward! THANK GOD for understanding and helpful and lovely lovely ladies here!

SW 226.6 (It stuck HOORAY!)
CW 230.6 (+4.0 I can only imagine what it did get UP too YIKES)
GW 221.6

Mini Goal 10% off (289) 4/14/13 #2 50lbs (270) 6/18/13 # 3 1/2 way (240) 1/18/14 #4 100lbs (220) 6/5/14 #5 (199)

You have to believe it first and then you will see it!!

1 for every 10 lbs lost

to Rauros Falls 1309 miles
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Remaining: 248.25 - Rauros Falls!
Walk 2015 current 39 X's =
162.65 miles walked. High steps 20791 10.18.14
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