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I'm 50 and have been taking Vitex herbal supplements by "WomenSense" for a few years to help reduce symptoms of PMS/perimenopause. Seems it works pretty good for me - only symptoms are 2 or 3 days before my period I get huge cravings to eat a pound of cheese straight and chase it with jiggers of Frank's Hot Sauce (actually drink the stuff). I don't even have to check the calendar, for both me & DH it's a sign we recognize, lol. In my case it's hard to know what actual menopause will be like since none of my living female relatives have gone through this naturally - they have all had to have surgeries for bad ovarian cysts or hysterectomies due to severe endometriosis pre-menopause - some even in their 20's. As you can imagine my docs & I keep a close eye on things, just in case. I have had a couple of light hot flashes - woke me up at night - but then again, it could be because I drank Frank's, lol.


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