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MM~ I'm glad you got your lenses back. I hope you get in an excellent workout today!

Carma~ I hope your sister is okay. How scary that must be. Family stressors are the worst.

Mindy~ What a frustrating day for you. I wish I could say something that would help. I do understand the frustration. Just keep up the good workouts and keep eating right.

It seems that we are all facing some serious frustrations lately. I am frustrated by my lack of energy and the lack of enthusiasm I have for my workouts. Family struggles or personal struggles, I know when I am facing all of it I find myself thinking "who cares if I eat the______. I just don't care if I skip my workout today". . . .But it is our inner selves that end up paying for it. I'm not even thinking about the scale. It is that part of me that wants to be there for my self worth. I've struggled with this for the past 9 months, and I always feel so much more positive about myself when I workout. It is such a nasty circle, isn't it. When we let the frustration get the best of us, so we eat something, or skip a workout. That action leads us to guilt, or more frustration, then back to the scale with the hopes it wasn't to bad of a mistake, then the circle continues. I wish I had the answer to it all.

So today is my official Weigh in day:
July 22~180
August 22~172.8
September 22~160.8
November 22~149.8
December 23~151.6
January 22 ~~~145.2
February 22~~142.6
March 22~~142.8
April 22~~146.

Oh poo. I expected a gain after a couple of weeks of lackluster workouts and not eating very well. So I am going to hop back on the bandwagon of no whites at night. I got in a very slow but with random inclines (on the treadmill) run at the Y last night. 2.5 miles. DH is losing his enthusiasm for working out since he isn't really losing. I forced him to the Y last night, but it was SO busy we only got in 35 minutes, before we decided to call it a night. I am going to head out for a run here in a little bit, but I am also hoping to convince DH that we really need to workout tonight (although the steam room will be much nicer.)

We have a local 5k on Saturday. I am considering racing in it, but we are planning an outing for that day (shoe shopping for the kids). Maybe I can convince the family for a late start?

AND the big question for myself...Do I take the Y training class for the 1/2 marathon??? I've been looking into what the class entails. Trail running, interval running, and strength and stretching exercises. I think the Saturday runs will be longer run days and I will have to run after work ever other Saturday, but I think it will be worth it in the end. If for no other reason than keeping me going. I just don't know if I am up for the cost.

W 80 oz! DRINK WATER!!!!
E run. I'm going to get out there and start off with a 4 mile plan, but if I feel like it I will continue on to make it longer.
E Keep it clean.
D Listen to my body. NOT MY MIND! a friend who ran the Boston Marathon yesterday (and a huge inspiration to me) lost her number bib. (we were all surprised they let her keep running!) She lost it at about the 10k mark. She trained so hard to get her official time down but without the bib, she knew there would be no official time. She said that she nearly quit because she was so upset. She said the real struggle for the rest of the race was a mental one. I'm using her as my reminder to ignore my inner demons.

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