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Originally Posted by WeightGoingDown View Post
My fiancÚ adheres to Paleo's close relative, the Primal diet. Because of the amount of red meats, I frequently have to limit myself to a small portion of the meat on the dinner table at night. Through diet and exercise, I cured myself of high blood and have no intention of getting put back on that medication. The Paleo/Primal diets allow too much consumption of red meat, in my humble opinion. And, as others have stated, I wouldn't consider it a way to actually lose weight. My fiancÚ swears by this diet, though.
There are many days where I happen to eat primal since I'm gluten free, but we don't eat much meat or grains. An omelette, a bowl of soup, and a stir fry are a good example of one day's meals for me (sans snacks, which are usually one serving of fruit and one serving of vegetables).

I don't think that paleo or primal necessarily makes people eat more meat, but some may increase their meat intake instead of increasing their vegetable intake to make up for the "loss" of grains.
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