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congrats on the yogurt! in general, we've been told that a good rule of thumb is to consume no more than 15 g of carbs [sugars] at any one time, so this greek yogurt fits right in there.

and you raised something else that i've always noticed. I'd lose a certain amount of weight, and then 'rest.' i never felt right calling it a 'stall' because my body would always change [for the better!], and then after it settled in, i'd lose more. YAY!!!!!!!

feels great, doesn't it?

and now a followup to the original post i made - i made it through that week, but completely bombed hte following week - with an emergency hospital admission to get my gall bladder removed [and then pneumonia]. Sure knocked the wind out of my sails!

but i gotta say, though, that food's staying down MUCH better now!!!
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