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Carma, thank you. It's been a rough few weeks.

Mindy, I have been stuck so long I am starting to think Ill just stay here.

Jeni, hope Easter went well, I made it to the Y yesterday and did 40 on the elliptical (still could not run with my glasses, 2 uncoordinated with the bifocal) got my lenses in this AM so running and lifting tonight!

Kris, I miss you.

Working, hope all is well!

OK, not much time. New delicious smoothie.
Spinach, frozen banana (or ice an a banana) tablespoon of natural PB, cup of skinny almond milk (the 30-40 calories ones) awesome and about 200 calories for a huge portion. Making it again today!

W 100
E running tonight, 50 squats thru the day shoulders tonight and crunches before my shower
E POP, no freaking candy dish!!!!!!!!!!!
D I feel better when I eat clean, so do it

****PS Getting a personalized plate for my motorcycle. 6 letters. Ideas?

Losing weight is hard, keeping it off is hard, being fat is hard, pick your hard.

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