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Oh, I forgot to add, I am getting a food dehydrator this week when hubby gets paid. I'll be able to make teriyaki beef jerky and other meats as well as grain free granola. I like that you can set it and go about your day without having to stay in the kitchen and watch it cook for several hours, like the granola. That granola took me over twelve hours to cook in the oven- it is delicious, and I made a double batch of it, to which we still have a decent amount left, but wow, talk about being chained to the kitchen.

Also, I find that I have to "re-cook" the cookies after a day or two, to get rid of the moisture from the almond flour. I'm going to see if the dehydrator might help keep them more crisp.

We all love beef, chicken, and turkey jerky, it comes out so good and tender, makes the store version taste like crap after you've had homemade jerky. So, even if we don't continue with the Paleo diet, we'll still use that to make for hiking and camping foods. Win win for us.

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