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Thank you both for the replies.

Easy spirit -

I very much relate to what you are saying. For years she has given unsolicited advice and I think she may be finally getting the drift that I am sick of it because it's annoying. She also plays Devil's Advocate a lot which is infuriating. I often feel like exactly what you said- why bother? Why do I care when I feel she doesn't! We are giving each other some much needed space. I just wish she could realize that it's not about her always being right.


I'm so sorry about the loss of your mother. I guess
I feel that she is getting older and I want to make the best of our relationship but lately we've been in a lot more arguments. I think that is the case because I am standing up for myself and asserting myself more as I'm getting older. I feel like she treats me like a child sometimes.

Take care. Thanks!
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