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Originally Posted by silverbirch View Post
Good morning!

With the extended family. Today I'm going to my uncle's (87) and will remove 4 bags of rubbish. Moved one last night. At my mother's (89) will move an old blind and some other things. Move = take to tip. Finish breaking up fencing panels for kindling (the DB, almost 14, is leading on that, using ninja skills.) Text builder who's left stuff in garage for two years to say we need space by Wednesday.

You're all doing very well! Holly, I've got out a flag to wave when your old wreck is towed away today.
Took 6 bags from my uncle's + one tin can, 5 glass jars and 3 plastic containers (small). And 2 rusty saws. Failed to get him to ditch a two foot high pile of newspapers, 3 cardboard boxes or 2 dirty carpet tiles. But I did better than I thought.

Took that + my mum's stuff to the tip. Car boot full again with broken glass from her greenhouse and garden waste. That's another trip for tomorrow or Wednesday. Wood is all broken or sawn up, ready to move when I've got space in a vehicle. (Had to buy a new saw - long story.) Builder is coming tomorrow morning (fingers crossed).

Have also descaled the kettle and will run the washing machine to clean it tomorrow. Got the DB to dust up high and the SO decided independently to clean kitchen thoroughly as well as making all the meals, in association with Mum.

Phew. Tomorrow is a day of errands but it will doubtless have its fair share of cardboard and weeds in it.

Good luck, everyone! Holly, $150 is wonderful!
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