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Hi everyone!

I'm short on time, mainly because I slept in and decided NO CHOICE to my 3 essentials....laundry, dishes, make bed. Credit.

We started working on clearing space at our other house for a bedroom for DD and kids. Everything of my hubbys got moved elsewhere, excepting his closet. We ripped old carpet and I put in vinyl. I did a pretty good job. Yay. Now it's making space for everything else. I took the lead and sorted through a living room bookcase so DH could now share. I got rid of a lot of books...someone else will enjoy them. I made a small pile to bring to the other house, mostly cookbooks. Now he can go through his this week. (He's there, I am here LOL)

everyone! I've got to head to work.

onebyone, as I've lost weight I have found that most of the clothes I "saved" for a smaller me have not been appealing to me when I got to that size. They are gone. The only items I really found that I have enjoyed wearing at each smaller size were really special items I had purchased when I was originally at that size....really nice things. I also purchased some really nice items (4 or 5) at super sale prices that I wanted to fit into. I really like all those. My take is that I have changed as I've come down in size and my tastes have changed, too. Since I'm still not at my ideal weight I purchase very little. When I have an occasion, like last summers wedding, I go and purchase the bare minimum of what I need. I'll do that again this summer when we head to KeyWest for memorial for my BIL.
It feels so great to have a space for everything at my current weight.

Best wishes as we all declutter and Bon Voyage to the van!
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