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Originally Posted by Olivia7906 View Post
I agree with this, LGW. I think our society has conditioned us to believe that hunger is a bad thing and it must not be felt. But what we are feeling is not true hunger in my opinion. When I eat too many sugary, starchy carbs, this "hunger" is out of control within a few hours. But there is no way that my body is in need of food because I've consumed a lot of calories just hours earlier. To me, it's kind of like an addiction trigger. Because of the addictive properties of the food, it tricks the body into thinking it's hungry thus you consume more of it. I have tested this with myself. I am the absolute most hungry after eating a large amount of sugar and starch. My hunger is very different when I eat healthy, and it doesn't come nearly as quickly.
Very very true ... one thing after another yesterday had me going and at one point I knew I had enough but I wanted something else.

Originally Posted by katerina11 View Post
16. 223.4 - 1,827 cals with 116 grams protein - conditioning day - 2 hours
17. 222.8 - 2,294 cals with 127 grams protein - deadlifts
18. 222.4 - 1,984 cals with 186 grams protein - bench press (with chains! so much fun)
19. 221.8 - 3,085 cals with 177 grams protein - rest day. lost my ever loving mind.
20. 223.2 - calories not being counted, but i am being mindful.

totally lost the plot last night and ate ...

today i ate jelly beans and some chocolate with the kids in the am, and have been mindful and conservative since. i will continue that way today and go back to counting tomorrow.
This is me the past two days only I didn't get it together last evening. I ate chips with my husband last night really late. But today makes a new beginning

Originally Posted by WahineByTheSea View Post
Ouch. I can't resist biscuits either.

Garden is finally thawed out, so I've been spending every spare moment in it trying to clean up. Planning to plant a ton of veggies and hopefully not too much of anything else. Summer might actually be coming!
Those biscuits got me yesterday also, there were three left after church. I split them (the flaky kind) so technically I only ate one but still, lol

Originally Posted by LGW View Post
I've been trying to master eating out and visiting friends as well. Life goes on right?

For eating out...start out with a salad and chow down on that and a cup of water until the group finishes the appetizers...which they will do! Order the main entree with side of carbs and extra veggies. If its meat, cheese, veggies or it...if it's not...don't....

Friends....I was invited to a friends for a boxing party day 3 into my plan. I knew they would have pizza. I ate an apple and banana during my drive, picked up a diet soda, almonds and had salami sticks and cheese in my purse. I was nice and content when I arrived. Thanks 7-11 for having the options!

I use this site to remind me of what I should be doing!!!!
Great weigh in yesterday On eating out ask for a to-go container at the beginning of your meal and place half of you meal in it. Eat part now, have the other tomorrow since the portions are usually big, just a thought and what I do when no one will eat what I have ordered. Oh my goodness do I miss 7-11 and WAWA. We don't have either here . Great NSV before the boxing party,

Weigh in today 163.8 up .8 from yesterday ... it's gonna be a great day

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