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Good Morning everyone!

Kris~ It's good to see you back here!

MM~ Love the pic of your doggie!!

Carma~It's good to see you too!!

Yesterday was pretty good. I made it through the day without overeating (too much ) I don't know what is going on with me, but I am so exhausted lately. I'm still drinking my smoothies (without the chia seeds since I ran out.) Maybe I will cut out the carbs again at night and see if that helps with my energy level.

W~64 oz!
E~ I assume DH and I are heading to the gym tonight. If I do I promise if there is a treadmill available I will run on it!
E~ cut out carbs at night this week to see if it helps my energy level.
D~ run for my workout tonight. Slow pace is fine, just run.

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