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Hey Y'all,

Happy to see everyone running still! Yay! I swear, it's addictive.

So, my weekly plan now that C25K is done is to run 30 minutes 2x a week (however far that gets us), then 3.19 miles (no time limit) as my long run. After 2-3 weeks of that, we're going to launch into training for a 10k. The 30 min runs are feeling pretty easy now. Can't believe it! Running 3.19 miles still feels like work towards the end (we averaged 12.12 min miles today, oh yes, smokin' fast we are NOT! But, that's faster than we used to be). I'm so happy my son is still running with me too, it's so fun having a running partner.

I found this training plan for running a 10K:
I love that it emphasis cross training and weights (both important for injury prevention as you add running miles). We're cycling a few days a week and doing weights. I tell ya, I'm sore head to toe but it feels awesome.

Anyway, I think the Hal Higdon plan will tie in well with where my son and I are currently at with our running. Especially after another week (maybe two) of easy 30 min runs and a 5k as our long run. I'm planning to repeat each week of the 10k plan at least twice. The kid and I are gearing up for a (hopefully) faster 5k this fall and our first 10k. Yep, the running bug has hit us hard! We have lots of time to work up to the 10k so we're gonna take it slow, hopefully avoid injury and have fun. Shedding extra pounds has been a nice side benefit for me too.

Anyway, thought some of you who are also finished/ finishing C25K might like to share you continued running plans. Any goals? Races? Fun cross training ideas that coordinate with running? What's in your running future? I think it's awesome that so many of you are sticking to the program and still running. Woot! We are awesome!!
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