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Happy Easter for those of you who celebrate. The family is due here in a couple of hours, but I think everything is in pretty good shape. Just need to make the deviled eggs and peel the potatoes to be mashed later. I'm having parmesan asparagus and green beans to help me fill up on the "good" stuff.....although the whole family loves the asparagus so I doubt if there will be any left over. Love the holiday meals together. Hate the house cleaning involved to get ready for things.

Ubee What a great solution to involve your husband -- especially now that you two actually get to have some time together. You created a very pleasant time, refrained from over doing on the cookies, and made someone else very happy. Talk about a win-win.
Terra Glad you're feeling some better and good for you to keep on walking in spite of it.
Sam A beach walk sounds so wonderful -- especially during spring in the South. Hope you're able to do it and can enjoy it. Good luck with the weigh in.
Time4Me Glad you checked in as I was wondering if you were doing ok......and it sounds as though you're having your ups and downs with how you're feeling. Hope that things are much better after a long weekend.
Fi Love your post to Ubee and calling it the Yummy Menace. Hhhmmmm -- maybe putting a name to it will help with the resistance problem. How's the cutting and straightening coming along? Sounded like a lot of work!
Gurl Yes, sticking to it consistently really does work. It's the consistently part I'm struggling with. Good job.

Here's a new exercise routine for everyone. Get a puppy who quickly grows into a very large dog (he's currently at 80 pounds). Buy him a new Kong toy. Follow the directions and initially fill it with dry kibble and treats so that he gets the idea of getting things out of the hole. Watch him discover that dropping it at the top of the steps to the basement will result in some of the treats falling out. Repeat at least 3 more times. What's the exercise part? Since you're having company, you have to get out the vacuum cleaner and redo the steps so that treat bits don't get dragged all over the house! I'd better get it in gear. Have a great day everyone.

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