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Seems like we've been really busy recently, yet I'm not quite sure why. Yesterday I did a thorough cleaning of our bathrooms. Also washed a couple loads of towels/sheets. It was actually my day to clean the bedrooms and I did change the sheets but then got mixed up about 1/2 way through the day. Today I haven't done much.

Last night we went to the Service of Darkness. Our son and his gf joined us. Then today we met up with our dd and sil and the kids for lunch since we will not be with them tomorrow. Not a traditional Easter meal...LOL, we had pizza but it was good.

My bs remains high. I am trying to cut out most sugar and of course continue to try and keep my carbs down in general but I'm pretty much resigned to the fact that I will likely have to take more meds. I will keep trying though until I see the doc in July.

We will be alone for Easter so I bought a 3.5# Honey Baked Ham. Will have it (with lots of leftovers I'm sure) plus potatoes and some veggie. Just a simple, easy meal.

Meals so far today:
breakfast - 2 scrambled egg whites with green pepper, and cinnamon and raisin English muffin, 1 T Smart Balance. - protein, free veggie, carb and fat

lunch -
Shared a personal pizza with dh - carb, protein and fat
Garden salad - free veggie

Dinner - not sure yet

Karen31 - With everythings that's going on in your life, you did well to maintain. Being separated from my dh like that, I'd probably have eaten everything in sight! So glad he's home and keeping down his food. I know you'll take good care of him.

Lucinda - Sorry to hear about your dh. Hope they get him helped soon. I admire your discipline. Just pop in when you can, I always enjoy hearing from you as you inspire me.

Cajun - It never stops with you!! Company or visiting, and eating!! I can't imagine how you keep up..despite your occasional problems you actually do quite well on a diet considering. Have fun!

Cana - Glad to hear we have a fellow contester! I enter online mostly and I enjoy it. I have won many nice prizes and lots of other stuff as well. I just started back more seriously after a several months break. I spend way too much time on it when I'm serious about it! So far this month I've only won a couple small prizes...a 4 color pen and a movie.

Have a happy Easter! If I can I'll come back and edit my meals.

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