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Hey Everyone,

Just finished working out and thought I'd check in with everyone....I am feeling better now that I am taking my birth control at night. I am a little frustrated that the doctor never called me though. Oh well I guess...

This week has not been a good week for me eating wise. Last night was a disaster...I went over to my neighbors house and when I came home I was so hungry even though I had eaten dinner an hour or so before hand and ended up making a chicken salad sandwich, ate some cottage cheese, had some chips...yeah....not good at all. I think I haven't been much on plan because I didn't go grocery shopping this week until today so my food was limited....that's no excuse and I'm going going to do that again lol...Ends up getting me in trouble. I'll be surprised if I have a loss at all this week.

Fi Thank you so much! I kinda can't believe the differences myself. I am taking measurements now and that has helped me when I have weeks when I don't lose quite as much as I would have hoped. Hoping this week my measurements look good since I haven't eaten the best.

Dean Totally feel you when it comes to restraint. I've been craving this week going to the mexican bakery by my house and getting a treat, but I know I wouldn't be able to pick just one lol

Betsy Great job on the milestone!! Fritos and easter candy sounds so good lol but good job on not giving in!!

DH and I got to go to the farmer's market today. The only organic stuff that was out when we got there were some strawberries. There was only a .25 difference so I got them. Can't wait to try them and maybe I'll buy more than one quart next weekend. I still need to tackle this house...that's one thing I hate doing is house work...I'm a poor excuse for a DW, and so is DH LOL....He's kind of the house wife since he's disabled and I go to work, but when the weekend comes I have a hard time being motivated to do least I do work on getting my work outs in. I've only been able to work out 3 times this week because of being sick, but that's better than nothing.

DH suggested going for a walk on the beach tomorrow since we don't celebrate Easter. It made me happy that he actually wanted to go so I'm pretty excited. Hoping the weather permits...

Take care everyone! I'll be back sometime tomorrow for a quick check in to let you know if I actually had a loss this week. Fingers crossed!

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