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Olivia, thank you I like the new rule. I'll certainly have to remember it .

Thanks katerina That makes me smile. I do log it and think what on earth were you thinking. But like Olivia said it didn't any damage. It's just in my head that it will because I tend to start on that biscuit road and eat more and more. Thank goodness, I still have 4 children at home and a husband that needs a plate to be waiting for him when he gets home. They ate the remainder. I am a chatter box, so talk about yourself all you want I'll listen (read) LOL on the scale by the end of the week . My SIL bought the pb/choc protein powder he says the pb is overwhelming. I buy the vanilla because I can mix it with anything. I like that it is inexpensive also, and PowerLifter wow, I don't know anything about lifting but it sounds great. Keep up the good work

LGW, it is so good to see you our little FB group just died out LOL. But it was good while it lasted. I've been on and off 3FC. This is the longest I've continued. I have my days and I think that's because now I know I have type 2 diabetes. It makes me want to get the weight off that much more so I can continue to be here for all of these children, . I'm should be past where I am but I keep slacking off and then beating myself up about it. SO new rule from Olivia is NO BEATING OURSELVES UP. Glad to have you back

Today was the day for the 5K walk in memory of a student (scholar). I haven't walked a trail in forever. Oh my goodness, the hills tore my thighs up, smh. My son kept saying let's sprint. I'm thinking do you want me to have a heart attack? He's telling me breathe in through your nose and out of your mouth. I'm thinking shut up, lol. But he does lift and condition and train for football, but he's 16. My thighs were killing me by the time I got out of the shower so I took some ibuprofen. OK I'm finished. Today's gonna be a good day
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