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Originally Posted by love2b150 View Post

katerina, nice weigh in what are you eating to get that much protein? What's your carb intake and which plan are you following? Sorry for all the questions.
no need to be sorry for the questions. i try to shut up about myself bc i feel like i could talk about this stuff all day long. haha.

i eat egg whites with chopped ham or turkey in am mostly (this morning i wanted something sweet, so i did lite pears drained with cottage cheese), chicken or turkey breast or ham as meat for lunch. i eat special k protein bars (peanut butter and chocolate yum) for when i want a piece of chocolate and if i come up short, i will have a scoop of body fortress peanut butter and chocolate protein shake with water. (i buy it at walmart. cheap and tasty).

i am currently eating about 2100 kcal a day and the carbs and fats fall where they may. typically i eat about 175 grams of carbs, but some days i eat more and some less. i just try to get 130 of protein a day. that's my big goal. stay under calorie limit and hit the protein goal. i am training to be a powerlifter, but i want to drop a couple weight classes.

16. 223.4 - 1,827 cals with 116 grams protein - conditioning day - 2 hours
17. 222.8 - 2,294 cals with 127 grams protein - deadlifts
18. 222.4 - 1,984 cals with 186 grams protein - bench press (with chains! so much fun)
19. 221.8

i am on a roll because my TOM started and i tend to drop at this time if i am on plan. it will slow up and i will hop on the scale every day and then curse it by next week.
Current Goal

Long Term Plan

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