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Originally Posted by dancinginpaint View Post
As someone who has not always been heavy I can say that when I was thinner I had many men approach me, i'd get hit on and flirted with. At my higher weight it's like I don't exist. So many men will not even look me in the eyes. I am married, but upon first sight many men wouldn't know that. So I have to say that if we are talking strictly quantity, being thinner had an impact on attention.

If we're strictly talking the number of men who will approaching a woman out of the blue, with no flirtation, attention, or participation on the woman's part, then heck yeah! Weight is going to factor in alomg with every other trait associated with beauty (or unnatractiveness).

If your top priority is getting large numbers of men to flock to you, with little or no effort on your part, then it's important to be thin and eing thin and perfectly proportioned - tall, but not too tall, thin, but not too thin... You'll also want, large, perfectly matched boobs; a small waist; long legs; large, pale eyes; long, dark eyelashes; a straight, tiny nose; prominent cheekbones; flawlessly clear skin; stylish, shiny, hair with great body and a bit of curl without frizz (ideally blond with just a touch of red, but not too many freckles; full lips, perfectly alligned and sparkly white teeth; smooth, soft hands and nicely kept nails... and every other trait associated with beauty in our culture - a "perfect" package is going to attract more attention.

If you're a young, tall, thin, supermodel with breast implants and a designer wardrobe, you're going to get a lot more unsolicited, generic male attention than if you're less perfect, and the more physical imperfections you have, and the less you stand out in a positive way, the less unsolicited attention you'll get, but so what?

Very, few of us have perfect bodies, but people of all ages, shapes, sizes and levels of attractiveness (even many folks with severe physical, mental, and emotional handicaps and disfigurements) manage to pair up.

The more practical question is how much attention do you need, and are you willing to do some of the flirting, attention-seeking, asking out....

The more you're willing to put yourself "out there," the more potential romantic partners you'll meet.

There is no magic weight, height, BMI, hair length, hair style, hair color, skin color, bra size, manicure, makeup, outfit... that will draw men to you like honey.

There is also no physical or personality trait that will repel all men (there's a few that may repel most, but excess weight isn't anywhere on that list).

Even if you are practically perfect, physically and emotionally, waiting for guys to approach you and ask you out is a pretty inefficient system for finding the partner of your dreams.

Attracting and seeking out the right person is a lot more important than attracting as many as possible and hoping the right one is in there somewhere.

There are a lot of fish in the sea and the less generic the bait, the less generic the fish.
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