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So I am coming in from the shadows and posting my goals for the month.

I have gone through my closets and other clothes storage areas and I have put everything in boxes ready to go out.

So my goal is to actually get the boxes and bags out of the house. I get anxious over this as I am always wondering if I am throwing out something useful. So now I pack things up and put a use by date on the box. If I haven't gone through the box to look for something specific by that date it gets sent away. So far I only miss one item that may be in the boxes, so I will sort through for it and take the boxes away as they are done. Phew, that will make the spare room habitable again and only the bathroom cupboards are left for me to rummage through and 'discover' what is in them, get it organized and useable again.

Things are still messy, but this will give me space to start sorting out more things again.

I am pleased with my progress though. New things are not creeping in like they used to. Old things are either being out to use or put aside rather than taking up cupboards space.

Most of the clutter is surface clutter now, looks bad but is not as overwhelming as it was before.

Onebyone I heAr you on not wanting to throw out the thinner clothes, I did manage that and that was part of the motivation for starting the weight loss. Giving up the old thin me kickstarted the ability to lose weight again. Plus none of those clothes were going to be 'fashion' by the end of my weight journey. I do have a box of sentimental favorites such as bridesmaids dresses. But one box only. If I want to add to it I have to take something out.

It's the big clothes that I am holding onto at the moment, but I have been in maintenance for about 11 months now. It is time.
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