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(copied this from the Bikini thread..)

Hey guys,

I had a terrible week. It's so hard for me to get back on track after eating junk food for days. Today, I made a whole bunch of single-serving desserts like a mug brownie, one raspberry muffin, a sugar cookie and I even ate plain oatmeal mixed with brown sugar, raw cocoa powder and cinnamon. Hello? What's that about? I ate that quite often this week which is so terrible. Oh goodness, I forgot that I also had tons of vanilla ice cream, chocolate mousse and cake at work. Ahhh, what's wrong with me? And to top it off I haven't worked out in uhm...5 days?
I weighed-in on Sunday and couldn't believe that the scale said 145 lbs. Last time I checked I weighed 142.4 lbs. Now, I did workout a LOT last week and I mean a lot - for 5 days straight. And it was TOM. But it still didn't stop me from feeling all depressed. And that's when I started eating crap.

I put on a pair of jeans today that I had bought when I weighed ~135 lbs 3 years ago. They've been sitting in my closet, obviously now that I weigh more. I was bored today so I thought I would put them on and see if I'd be able to button them. To my surprise, they fit. I mean sure, I have a muffin top and all, but they fit and they don't make my legs look like they're about to pop. I asked DH who is 100% honest with me and he said that it looked good and that I could definitely wear them. I put on a white tank top and took pictures of my body - front, side and back. I will use those as comparison pics once I start losing some weight, after I get back track of course!

You know what's really stupid of me? I go to the grocery store and buy raw cocoa powder, thinking it could be a healthier version of anything chocolatey and whatnot, same with flour, I had bought rye flour about 3 months ago thinking heyyy, much healthier than all-purpose flour. And then I go off baking tons of sh!t when I usually don't bake anything at all. Or I add the cocoa powder to everything when I don't need to. I think that's one of the things I really need to work on - stop buying "healthy" substitutes because it makes me eat it even more without feeling guilty in the moment. Stupiid.

Happy Easter!

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