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Just like I've gotten my body, mind, energy, and life to a profoundly better spot in less than a year, I needed to find a happier, better way of being on 3FC to stay here at all. And posting much less is a big part of that. It gives me much more time for many more productive endaveors. I was getting diminishing returns here.

I wanted to share this quote from the Paleo Answer by Cordain.

"What better time than now to start the Paleo Diet? I believe that many aspects of ill health caused by decades of improper diet can be reversed within weeks or months of adopting humanity’s original nutritional plan. People with serious health issues or who are grossly overweight will require considerably more time to restore their health and vigor, but your body is a wonderful biological instrument, and when you provide it with the foods nature intended, you will be amazed at its restorative powers, regardless of your age."

So true. My body has 'forgiven' me for decades of food abuse. Weight has become virtually incidental to me along the way. Important for health still for sure. But now the vitality, energy, mental wellness. Wow is all I can say. Diet is not only my medicine now it is the key to me being me and bursting with energy.

I urge everyone to explore or stick with Paleo, Primal, or some version of LCHF. I don't think anything else on Earth can make you feel as good.
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