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Default IE-Another Interesting Coaching Opportunity

I have been following several IE blog sites. This one is a gal named Rachel Cole, and she covers a broad scope on her site, but I got this email today which might be an interesting thing to try doesn't sound like there is any cost.

Last fall, rather spur of the moment, I decided to dig out and reread one of the most formative texts I'd encountered on my journey: Intuitive Eating.

I decided that if I was to reread it, perhaps other women might like to come along for the ride and get some support in implementing the book's wisdom. Before I knew it I was leading two sold out groups of women on a six week journey and another two groups after that.

For the past eight weeks (and for two more) alumni from these four initial groups have been diving even deeper on this journey.

I didn't set out to spend so much time teaching Intuitive Eating, but what I've discovered is that there is a real sweet spot for me here. Sort of like the sweet simplicity that comes with going back to the start.

Through the doorway of healing our relationship to food is a whole big world of other hungers waiting to joyfully satiated. I love that place just beyond the doorway. I love helping women satiate their hunger for companionship or self-care or creativity.

But in truth, we often only get to do that work after we make peace at the table. At least this has been my experience: find my way to being well-fed with food, and only then, find my way to being well-fed with life.

As such, I'm leading a new Intuitive Eating group starting in mid-May. The group will meet once a week, on a 90-minute tele-call for six weeks. There are assigned readings and activities each week and a private Facebook Book within which to connect and explore. You can see what past participants had to say over here.

If you'd like to be a part of this next group, please reply to this email by April 25th and let me know. The exact start date and time of the group will be determined once all interested have been surveyed for availability.

And whether you're interested in being a part of this group or not - may this note be like a mindfulness bell that chimes to bring you back to yourself, in this moment, and all of your brilliant intuition that resides right here and now.

Love, Rachel
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