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Welcome back Katie--the good news is you're back and you're young. Weight loss is easier when you're young. I don't restrict my food to certain foods, I just eat a lot less of it. I also exercise 3 to 4 times a week--Jazzercise is it for me. Just eat less--move more--is the solution. Once you get it off--keep it off by weighing yourself often--staying within your daily calorie consumption and exercise. Long term weight loss success comes from staying away from crazy diet's. Long term success is weight that is taken off slowly--no overnight or 3 week success stories of losing 50 pounds. Weight taken off slowly--1 to 3 pounds a week--signifies that you have made a life-style permanent change in the way you look at food. Even 3 pounds a week says that you ate 10,500 calories less during that week. 3 pounds times 52 weeks in a yearr = 156 pounds lost in one year. 2 pounds per week for 52 weeks = 104 pounds lost in a year and of course 1 pound per week = 52 pounds in a year. Even a 1/2 pound a week will net you 25 pounds lost in a year. You'll hit your plateu's in weight loss--just don't get discouraged--keep going--and if it takes you 2 years to get to your goal weight--you're the next success story on this board.

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