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Originally Posted by Maile View Post
Laurie: Thanks for that soup recipe. It looks excellent. I am a huge fan of spices and have a cupboard full of them. That is a good idea to P1 and get low enough to enjoy summer. I love fresh strawberries and am waiting for them.

Vachinyc: Snow again? We had a 29 degree morning and it was cold.Good job on getting those walks in. P1 is an amazing tool for maintenance.

Dakills: My love of spicy foods has also increased. I also make my own spice mixtures as I do not like the added salt in even spices like curry.

Ecdslim: I do not track calories or carbs, If the carbs are from vegetables, they should be healthy. Hope you find what works for you. I do not chew gum.

Eandc: You eat like I do..lots of P3 breakfasts and p1 lunches and dinners..with occasional added foods.

New discovery: you can make coconut shrimp low carb low fat. Dip the shrimp in coconut flour, then in egg beaters then, in coconut flakes. Bake until toasty and done.

My son is here and is a gourmet cook who is experimenting with lots of low carb cooking. Too fun.
So nice to have your son visiting and creating fun recipes together. I wish I had a gourmet cook in my family! Enjoy your time with him and all the delish, healthy foods!
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