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I'm going through bulimic "recovery", so I totally get the whole, WTF is my body doing?! thing.
What I learned through my process so far, is that I have to be able to handle eating more than I want on occasion, because my body knows what's best for me.

I guess, just try to take everything in moderation, and find a balance of foods that suit you. Sometimes certain diet lifestyles just don't work, and tailoring food to meet your criteria healthily is a good step toward inner tranquility.
Don't chain yourself to just a certain group of "pure" or "evil" foods- because that's just that inner ED voice talking.

And if you need to go off the beaten path once in a while, then that's just another way of discontinuing the monotony of everyday life. Your body is kind of like a changing ecosystem, and if you binge one day...then you binged. It's just like a heavy rain season, but the environment knows how to get back to its normal setting.
Self loathing or restricting the next day will only continue the stress.

It's just so damn hard getting out of the hunger=>overeating=>shame=>hunger cycle... but you can do it!

Good luck, and I hope everything goes well with the therapist!
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