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I low carb because it helps me control hunger, I am simply not hungry all the time anymore, I found on low cal that I was a bit miserable at 1200 calories. I'm not knocking it, I lost two stone calorie counting which was great but I found it harder than what I'm doing now. I think I have more stalls this way but its easier for me to maintain because of the appetite suppressing effect.

I both low carb and count calories I also believe sugar is awful for you (doesn't mean I don't love it!!), we have a lot of diabetes in the family so that's another motivator.

Pattience, you were asking about macros, to give you an example (as I track) yesterday I ended up at

fat 56% 55g
carbs 14% 30g
protein 30% 75g

I've rounded the numbers, but the calorie logging tool i use doesn't work the net carb into my % and only uses total carbs.

the range can be anywhere from
20-35% protein
55-75% fat
5-15% carbs

not militant about hitting % figures but I tend to watch my carbs and try to make sure protein doesn't go below 55g
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