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I lost awhile back too! I did well for a couple of years with some small reboots. Then this year I got 10 lbs over the weight I said I WOULD NEVER GET OVER AGAIN! I won't even get on the scale now cuz I know I'm even over that. I don't put down my actual weight in case someone I know wonders onto 3FC, but I was down to a size 6-8 for awhile, then 8, then 8-10 and now I am busting out of my 10s!!! If any of you remember me, I'm having a hard time dealing with the empty nest. It keeps feeling emptier. And I have 2 parents with Alzheimers. I am a carbohydrate addict and have my favorite "substances" that I love to go to for comfort. Today is my first day back on plan but am coming into my bewitching hours. The first days are SO TOUGH!!! I need you guys!

My picture is from September 2011 when I was near my lowest. I'm not very tech savvy but will eventually try to do some updating.

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