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I started this thread mostly to explain why I was going away for the most part. And it was irrespective of any feedback here or comment from Suzanne…mostly. I was coming to my own conclusion I was posting too much, spending too much time. Responding again so soon because of the nature of the post and reading the comments.

I think my ‘fervor’ was from a few causes. Or as Kaplods had pointed out and I was also thinking this a kinder term, passion. One my experiences shocked myself. I never thought it would be as easy as it was after the transition period. My appetite just plummeted. Second my weight loss and more specifically my belly. I thought maybe best case I would lose 50lbs in a year. But the health and vitality? Mind-blowing. So yes my posting was mostly for helping strangers. I was like this is awesome how can you not share?

Next as I mentioned in my post above there is a range of carb sensitivity but the vast majority of humans have some limit. I think people we know who can ‘eat all the carbs they want’ probably aren’t really. Although I am sure there are some outliers that can handle a huge load. Heck most of us when we are young can handle significantly more. I have a co-worker who can ‘handle’ a lot of carbs. I put that in quotes because he doesn’t gain weight but he is also at the doctor a lot. He is Asian. But remember diabetes rates are very high for Asian Americans. Even if on average they can handle more carbs, they are now eating sugar, HFCS, modern grain, and probably non-soaked, fermented, or sprouted grains. And getting sick (maybe sicker) just like many other ethnic groups.

Epiphanies from just the past few days: These last few days for me have been fantastic since PaleoFX. This article last night I came across cemented a lot of cracking my personal nutrition theory at least: It is short and a must read, trust me.

So just in the last few days I have come across Jonathon Bailor and Cate Shanahan and books such as the Calorie Myth, The Science of Slim, and Deep Nutrition. And the above article cemented stuff for me. I often post that diets can (I will soften it from will), well pardon me but kill you. Sorry if that is too harsh.

Well I can say it did kill my direct bloodline in just three generations. I will not have biological children. Me or my wife or both were infertile. My grandmother died of diabetes. My uncle has diabetes and dementia. My bloodline is from Eastern Europe, Russia. Probably not too much fruit and definitely no or little sugar for most of my ancestor history. Probably mostly fat, dairy, meat, hearty vegetables. My complete thriving now is because I am eating food I thrive on. And cutting out food that, well, kills me. It really is that simple. My genetics are that when my ancestors came across the RARE honey or fruit, their body stored it. So what happened when I gave that to myself multiple times a day instead of occasionally over the course of a year? Well just about everything I experienced happened.

Cate Shanahan, I love this concept…food is not just nutrition but includes ‘instructions’ for our genes. So I am now giving my body ‘instructions’ to burn fat and get lean. Before I was giving it ‘instructions’ to store fat. I am going to love exploring this concept more.

BTW be VERY careful about omega 6. Throughout most of human history it was a 1 to 1 ratio to omega 3 in our diets. Then perhaps it went to 1 to 3 after the agricultural revolution. Then it went crazy for the industrial world. It is often 25 to 1 in American diets now. This is mostly due to vegetable oils (not olive oil) and grain fed meat.

Science. I don’t think approaches are all equal because of science. Now obviously people disagree with me about the science. But I think the science is overwhelming that when insulin is present food is getting stored not used and you are subjecting your body to inflammation when you spike your insulin. Especially with modern diets.

Lastly my fervor was mostly due to this: compliant scientists. The nutrition info we have been told the last 50 years is so bad it is criminal. If you haven’t researched Ancel Keys and the 7 country study you are doing yourself a big disservice. And I wish this was a joke but it isn’t. The basis for cholesterol causing heart disease are studies on rabbits and chickens. They had to be force fed. Ok give a rabbit meat, dah bad things are going to happen. There are so many compliant scientists.

Most of your cholesterol is pre-determined. I myself have barely budged mine and I probably just increased my HDL. But going months and months and months with 5 to 8 times my previous level of saturated fats I went from 150 total to 163 total. And ask any heart specialist who is not a compliant scientist and they will tell you that their patients that get heart disease have cholesterol levels all over the place: high, low, medium. I’ve heard getting diabetes is a much better predictor of getting a heart attack.

Look at the dietary recommendations we’ve been given. Fat and meat (protein) is the problem not sugar and carbs. Whole grains are good for you. Vegetable oils are good for you and much better than butter, coconut oil, and lard and tallow. These pieces of advice were killing me at least. So yeah pretty angry at industry and compliant scientists. What are you left with if you cut down fat and protein? Upping sugar and carbs. And that is exactly what most Americans have done.

One irony of all of this is I got my health back because I was so open. I was completely open-minded. After all my nutrition knowledge has done a 180 in the last 11 months. So when people say ‘I can handle carbs’ what relevance does that have for me? I clearly can’t. And if you look at most of my posts I always say there is a range. When people go over their range. I challenged myself on everything I thought I knew about nutrition and challenged all the medical advice of the last 50 years, that is why I succeeded.

And yes I posted over and over carb overconsumption is the biggest cause of what is going on in America. Why? Because it is. You can’t argue this. There are stats. Fat consumption and protein consumption has gone down the last 50 years, especially the good saturated fats (ie not man-made Crisco, but grass fed butter, lard, tallow and organic virgin coconut oil are all good). We replaced whole milk with skim, full fat yogurt with slim. Eating the fat and skin on meats to not. Grass fed products with grain fed. Although that is changing. Butter sales are up for instance and for sure coconut oil. Sugar and carbs have gone crazy up since the fat is the problem advice. You simply cannot argue that because that is what happened. We didn’t’ say east of the Mississippi you guys go low carb high fat, no vegetable oils. Everyone west go high carb low fat more vegetable oils. The whole country went high carb low fat more vegetable oils.

Anyhow just wanted to respond to some of the comments. Because of the nature of the post, ie going away. I will go away now mostly….And ultimately it was what I needed to do for me. But it was also prompted by the ‘complaints’. If you notice from my posts I got passionate about ideas but I never ‘attacked’ people. Other people did attack me personally. And really complaining to Suzanne? Ignore function exists for a reason. I ignored just one person and it made my last couple of months here much better. It was getting personal and I do not like that at all. Passion on ideas not people I say. I will repeat I challenged ideas I never attacked a person. Do I have enough of an ego, and more importantly do I think that I post stuff and links that would not be on 3FC without me, to think 3FC will be poorer without me posting as much? Yes I do. But it will probably be 'better' for some and who knows? Maybe better for all. Would people have heard of Deep Nutrition or Calorie Myth without me posting and the above article? Maybe, maybe not.

Where I am headed? I could not be more excited. My wife has dropped 27 pounds since January and is DOING AWESOME. My daughter has thrived like never before since we now give her an egg every morning and cut out here oatmeal. She is not grain free but we are heading that way and she eats pork rinds now instead of goldfish…and loves them!!!! She was happy before but even happier now. It is such a beautiful thing to see. So I’ve already helped my loved ones so much, that makes me so happy. However I could not help my uncle in time which makes me furious about the nutritional knowledge we’ve been told. I was heading toward who knows what and my wife was also. Thank Gaia we caught it in time. Not in time to make us fertile though. I am helping co-workers. Ultimately I am going to probably self-publish something in the Kindle store. Could be in months it might take years.

I am also super excited about America believe it or not. Soda sales are plummeting, even diet. Like I posted butter sales up margarine sales down. The Walmart across the street carries Kerrygold butter now. It blew my mind. My local big supermarket HEB is just exploding with organic products now. So as I see it super-exciting. And with social media there is now way the message fat is good for you carbs/sugar are the problems for most is going to be able to get pushed aside. Kellogg a lot of analysts feel is in big trouble, I recently read an article on that.

I am very excited, for me, my family, everyone. Anyhow everyone here will be just as fine without me. But it was getting to be a drag on (the non-Carb counters and even here sometime) 3FC and the finding out people complained about me was just the cherry on top telling me it was time to go.

Here is my last takeaway: very few of us thrive on whatever we want to eat. Almost no one. Find out through experimentation the foods you thrive on (sometimes it can be eliminating foods, sometimes increasing them like I did saturated fat and dairy, and sometimes reducing them not eliminating them will ‘do the trick’). Then find the foods within that you love. Make those the vast basis of your way of eating. Eliminate or vastly reduce the foods your genes just cannot handle. If you do that I guarantee you will have the best weight and health of your life. And whole foods whole foods whole foods. Stay away from processed as much as you can and NEVER use vegetable oils except olive or avocado for salads. Macadamia for cooking if you can afford it.

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