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As someone prone to evangelism myself, i understand your frustration a bit. However being similar to you but with a completely different point of view makes me just want to express myself and highlight the flaws in the arguments.

I know a lot of people here don't bother reading my posts and i think, oh well their loss.

But for what its worth, i have learnt quite a bit about this no grain and low carb approach from you. When i disagree with a poster, it makes me go and do a bit more research. And so i've learnt that way. And i'm grateful for that.

And now in case you haven't picked this up from another post i wrote, i am reading the Gary Taubes book good calorie bad calorie and enjoying it too. I hope i get to the end. I am not sure though that i will come around to low carb but i feel i've already been won over the low fat debate. But that was before this book even but the book is interesting and so far i think credible.

So anyway back to your position. You seem to take the position that those of us who are not doing low carb are all doing low fat. But You can do highER carb + protein + moderate fats as well. Your posts don't seem to acknowledge this possibility.

Because i am against refined sugars, i have started to understand how you feel about carbs but i am still not inclined that way, all the more so since i try to be as vegetarian as possible (for moral reasons). But who knows one day i may learn something else that makes me decide to quit grain carbs too and start eating baby cows and grown up cows and lambs and piggies all the time too. I did have beef for dinner tonight and last night - i made 500g of spaghetti bolognese. IN Australia, nearly all our beef grows on grass in this country but pigs are treated so badly as are most chickens so i do my best to avoid all pigs and any chicken that's not free range. I'm not perfect. Sometimes i weaken. but i do my bit. And yeah, i can't get my head around how this huge global population can all survive by going grain or carb free but we can all live pretty damned harmoniously and healthily without refined sugars.

So do come back from time to time. I am sure none of us really mean you ill and that most of us are glad you've found something that works so well for you. But you gotta take human nature into account - we are just never going to all agree on something this complex. and one thing i've learnt again in the last week of reading a particular book is that diet science if a very fraught area of science, difficult to get to the truth of matters.
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