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Yeah, I'm a week behind schedule, Magicsusan. We're putting in a new garden, so I was outside a bunch of days swinging a pickaxe (in heavy Georgia clay, ugh) and that had me too exhausted to run. Finished it this weekend, though, so I'm back to working out as scheduled! (totally impressed with you, btw, for keeping up with your running schedule while on vacation - that's some willpower!)

I did w6d2 last night, and it went alright. Two 1-mile intervals, which works out to about 12 minutes each at my pace. I felt like I was gonna die for the first quarter mile or so of each one, but they got easier as I kept running. I think I'm learning a lot about mental toughness this time around. Just because I'm tired or just because my legs hurt doesn't mean I need to stop running. My legs will keep moving as long as my brain tells them to, so I just need to 'woman up' and push through it. And I can, and I did. I think I'm a lot tougher than I was six weeks ago.

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